Abigail Middelman-Jeppsen (born August 15, 1987) is an American photographer and artist. She was born in New York State but spent her childhood in the country of Arkansas growing up in a large family. The absence of TV and living isolated in the countryside made Abigail find her passion for art and photography through her time spent reading National Geographic magazines, history books and watching black and white films.

Taking every opportunity to travel during and after her education at John Brown University resulted in a wide experience in photography, as well as a broad view on culture, life and people. Abigail received a degree in Photography in 2010 but never stopped travelling to feed her desire for art.

After finishing with her university studies, Abigail worked at a marketing company (CROSSMARK) in the Consumer Goods Industry. During her years at CROSSMARK she learned the ins and outs of videography and digital montaging. Creating video productions for big clients like Walmart gave her the possibilities to express her creative side with retail.

After visiting over 18 countries she now lives in The Netherlands.